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  • Kedar

    Our corporation values lie in the happiness of our employees and appreciation from our customers. As one of most important driving forces in developing modern society, corporations have become the backbone of the communities they belong to. To build a happy and harmonious society, it is a worthwhile attempt for us to build a happy business. We strive to fully undertake our social responsibility, building a green and sustainable business, leading as an example of a happy business, and ultimately achieving the shared vision of "home".

    Founder & Chairman Kedar Nath Sharma
  • Tej

    Over the years, Shikhar Group has defined its credentials, established its competencies and demonstrated it. As an organization we honor our commitment and deliver on our promises. These will continue to be our reservoirs as we embark on a new era in growth, where we have decided to take the road less travelled. We have faced many challenges in our journey to excellence and we have been always competent enough to surpass them. The biggest challenge I see today is the digital era we are living in and which, in my opinion, is characterized by increased globalization and customer-orientation. In order to build a flawless business ground for our coming generations from family & employees, as well as to satisfy our customers’ variable demands, we believe that we must adapt and respond to the changed realities before we are forced to do so as Change is inevitable in the evolution of any entity.

    Vice-Chairman Tej Bahadur Tamang