Shikhar Power Tiller & Mini Tiller With 1 Year Warranty

Shikhar Power Tiller & Mini Tiller

       Power & Mini tiller machine used for horticulture farming, has become an attractive tool among the horticulture and nursery farmers to increase yield. The machine can be used on a small area or land. It can be argued that the development of the tiller defined the beginning of commercial farming. Early humans may have relied on preexisting stands of fruits and vegetables or attempted to plant seeds directly into the hardened ground beneath their feet. By creating a simple tiller capable of softening the soil, the earliest farmers could produce more crops per acre of land.
Shikhar Power & Mini Tiller are assembled in Nepal. It has 1 years warranty and also has finance option for those who can't afford an cash payment.
Shikhar Tiller are finance & marketed by Shiva Shikhar Co-operative Ltd. & Its Branches.